Roadrunner Email Settings

Email Settings of Roadrunner

Roadrunner is fast link online broadband with an extra benefit for the professional as well as personal. It is used to convey the message and documents. Email settings may differ from program to program, sometimes the user may face difficulties while operating the settings of roadrunner. The support we give on the issue such as mail set up issue, configuration issue, password change or reset issue, server issue, create account issue, login or log out issue and many more.

The email is easy to use and has the ability to access from any computer with the internet to connect your friends, family, business partners and your colleague.

Roadrunner Email Settings

Roadrunner email settings

  • Open the application and click on my accounts then select add account
  • Now go to set up accounts
  • Select the email symbol
  • Enter your full email address
  • Now enter your roadrunner secret key
  • Click on the next
  • Now your record is set up

Add Roadrunner email account

  • Go to apps then settings now accounts
  • Click on the add accounts
  • And click on an email
  • Enter your email username
  • Then enter your password
  • Now finally your account appears in your email accounts
  • If does not set up automatically, click on manual set up and follow the instructions
  • Select next
  • Give the name of your account for the outgoing messages
  • Now finally click on done

Roadrunner Email Manual Settings

  • Open your email application
  • Select manual set up
  • Select the account type (pop or IMAP)
  • Enter the full address
  • Now enter your correct password
  • Now enter your account settings

Pop Settings

Roadrunner Email pop Settings

Incoming mail server

  • Enter your account type (pop or po3)
  • Enter the incoming mail server
  • The port is 110

Outgoing mail server

  • Enter the outgoing mail server address
  • The port is 587
  • Now enter the inbound and outbound username
  • Enter the full address and password
  • Please check the SMTP SEVER ( authentication)

IMAP Settings

  • Enter the account type(IMAP)
  • Enter the incoming mail server
  • The incoming IMAP port is 143

Outgoing mail server

  • Enter the outgoing mail server address (SMTP)
  • The outgoing port is 587
  • Go to inbound and outbound username and enter your full email address
  • Enter your email password
  • Now check the SMTP server authentication

Outgoing mail server Roadrunner

Call @ 1-800-359-4380 For Roadrunner Technical Support.