Fix Roadrunner Email SMTP authentication Problems

Roadrunner Email SMTP authentication solution

If you think sometimes your email works and sometimes not then please do not ignore. This is the beginning of problems and it can Cause many unexpected problems to your email and the computer. The beginning of SMTP error and finally you cannot send an email later. Often in such cases, most people get together pieces of solution which one work for them specifically but don’t respond with enough troubleshooting detail that others can make similar breakthrough result.

Email SMTP authentication solution (Roadrunner) The best solution you can try

  1. Delete the account and ADD the account (email account that does not work).
  2. Enter email address and password correctly in Add Account entry.
  3. Click on Manual setup
  4. Enter the name of “Incoming mail server”.
  5. Enter email and password.
  6. Enter the name of the Outgoing mail server, SMTP server.
  7. Check use authentication

Now roadrunner setting:

Type of account: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Incoming server IMAP Port: 143

Outgoing Mail Server- SMTP:

Inbound and outbound email username: your full email address

Password: Same as email password in the webmail server.

SMTP Server Authentication: Checked

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