Roadrunner Incoming Mail Server

Roadrunner Mail Server  Roadrunner Incoming Mail Server

Roadrunner is an internet service to communicate with each other in an interesting manner.  It is a web-based email service for professionally as well as personally.  One of the popular email platform to provide various services and benefits like email, internet connection with home security, cable, TV, Phone. It is used for sending and receiving mail instantly for professional and personal use.

Services with Support we offer

If you are facing issues such as

  • Account log in and log out issue
  • Unable to recover, reset, lost or forgotten issue
  • Problem with email not working on Android device
  • Issue in sending or receiving emails
  • Configuration issue
  • Facing synchronizing issue
  • Error in blocking or hacking account
  • Software download, install or reinstall issue

How to configure Incoming Mail Server

 configure Incoming Mail Server  

For POP or IMAP settings

  • Go to “incoming mail server”
  • Enter the “account type” (IMAP)
  • Type your email address username
  • And then type “server host name” in the box “”
  • The server “port” is “993”
  • Go to “authentication issue” the enter your “password”
  • Enter “yes” in the “SSL/TLS box

For Outgoing mail server

  • Go to the “outgoing mail server settings”(SMTP)
  • Enter your “email address”
  • Go to “server host” name and type “”
  • Enter the “server port” is “587”
  • Now type the “password” for “authentication”
  • In the “SSL/TLS” field enter “yes”  

Configure Roadrunner Email in Outlook Account

Configure Roadrunner Email in Outlook Account  

  • Open your “browser” type the “address”
  • Enter your “email address and password” to open your “outlook account” on your computer
  • Now “click” on the “file”
  • Then go to “right side of the page” and “click” on “add account”
  • Select on “manually configure server settings or additional server types”
  • Select your “account type” and “click” o “internet email”
  • Enter your full “email address and password”
  • Go to “account type” and “click” on it”
  • Type “ (for incoming mail server)
  • Now type “ (for outgoing mail server)
  • Please enter your “email address and password” and you an click on remember password”
  • Now “select” on “next option”
  • Please “verify” your “email address”
  • And then “click” on “close”
  • Finally “select” on “finish” to add Roadrunner to Outlook account”

Roadrunner Customer Support  Roadrunner Customer Support 

Our engineers are well qualified, educated and experienced to provide online support for 24*7 hours and 365 days to fix every technical issue and errors which you are facing in your daily life.

For Support Call @ 1-800-359-4380.